Rooming House

Another Room, the third child in the "Room" empire here in NY, is what I like to call an anti-imperial establishment. Incredible selection of beers awaits patrons of this bar, but never to be served in a 20oz glass. Never. They might have regular pint glasses, but I've only been served in Baby Pints. Not that good times can't be had here, mind you. Staff is pleasant and decor is somehow satisfying. Outdoor seating is always a plus, seeing as it is overlooking one of the last mini-parks in the downtown area. But for the purists, the Imperialists, Another Room is not up to snuff.

5 out of 10 Pints.

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DeepSix said...

This place used to be good but all the cool bartenders have left...
a baby bitter pint is all thats left