Imperial Cinema - Trainspotting

I thought i'd take a break on this, a lazy Saturday, and delve into the world of Imperial Cinema. As with other great parts of movies, car chases, fight scenes, love scenes, there are those films that have great bar scenes. In particular, great pint scenes. These movies don't necessarily show drunks tying one on, but more the mystique of the proper pub.
For this first installment, I give you Trainspotting, Danny Boyle's 1996 film about Scottish heroin junkies. Aside from all the fast-paced robberies and drug-induced horror, the film has some great pub scenes. Whether celebration or mourning, theses chaps take to the Imperial Pint.
Maybe a little dark for some, but then a good bar always is. Cheers!


drinkinanddronin said...

love that movie! the feel and look of it is incredible.

Anonymous said...

Get a DVD copy of Get Carter (no, not the Stallone one), but the 1970-something one w/ Caine and the director's commentary. About 3/4 of the way through, there's a pub scene and the director points out this one guy who was an actual local w/ six fingers wrapped around his pint. (Well five fingers and a thumb, if you count 'em that way). He said he had to include him somewhere. Sadly, though, it was one of the glasses w/ the stubby handle, not a pure pint glass.

Jason said...

I bought the "definitive edition" DVD of Trainspotting a couple of weeks ago... and by coincidence, I also bought a pint that day! What are the odds? Spooky or what? :)