A Taste of Old New York

Stuck in the Flatiron district, looking for a pint, can be a dire situation for some. Fear not, however, there is an Oasis. Old Town Bar is a drinking landmark. Thru and thru this is a turn of the century place. Both beers and food are on the level. Just walking inside you know you've arrived someplace special.

I went in one summer afternoon with a friend some years ago. I ordered a beer and the friend ordered a glass of wine and then excused himself to the bathrooms. The bartender brought over our drinks and asked me, "what's wrong with your friend?", as he placed down the glass of wine. Old Town, indeed.

7 out of 10 Pints.


Ty said...

Love this bar!

tintin said...

A pretty good burger, nice chips, decent pint, huge urinals and a soul to the room that makes you wanna stay all night. I dig your blog and have been enjoying going to your recs.

his majesty said...

Thanks for coming by. Likewise about the blogs... Cheers.