A Welcome Chip on the Shoulder

Chipshop, an ex-pat oasis for our cousins from across the sea, is one establishment that understands the philosophy behind the meaning of a true pint, an Imperial Pint. Extensive, better than average British fare on the menu makes this a real destination. A decent selection of proper ales and lagers served in proper glasses makes it worth staying.
The Mrs. and I went on an early excursion to the Slope before moving here and had a great experience. Stellar fish and chips combined with a couple of Speckled Hen's made for a pleasant evening. Adding to this was the atmosphere. The walls are covered in British ephemera of all sorts and the clientele ranges from Park Slope families to wayward Brits just off of work and looking for a taste of home, to younger hipster punks wanting a pint and a deep fried mars bar. Can't wait to go back.

8 out of 10 Pints.

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