Follow the Harefield Road...

This establishment poses a particular quandry. Harefield Road is my chosen neighborhood watering hole. HF has many hallmarks that read like a checklist of what it takes to remain a quality establishment.

  • Rustic, rough hewn decor.
  • Extremely wide selection of ales and spirits.
  • Friendly, yet sarcastic bartenders who will treat you right but won't talk your ear off.
  • Solid musical choices playing through quality speakers.
  • Live music on Sundays of a historically-interesting nature.
  • A contingent of the local biker dudes.
I've spent many a night here, even some that I can't remember. But for all the good things that this place accomplishes, they commit a Bloomberg-era cardinal sin, "baby pints"!

When ordering a beer at 'The Road', your carefully chosen seasonal brew comes to you in a 15.5oz "pub glass". You are not even dignified with a 16oz glass. Maybe Harefield spent too much on the decor? Maybe its a moral issue of the owners not to let their patrons drink too much? But seeing as how they also own the Pencil Factory (which will be covered later), an establishment where I have enjoyed a full pint, I don't understand the snafu.

All in all, a good place to go, but it would be a great place to go if they kept it imperial.

7 out of 10 Pints.

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Anonymous said...

not true. i've tested the glasses. 16oz full. why do you think this? just go in, anybody, and see for yourself. 16oz glasses.