Peeking Behind The Iron Curtain

After being turned away on an afternoon from Toby's Public House (because of family - read stroller - in tow, boo...), I ventured to the former site of Eurotrip, now called Korzo in South Park Slope. An eastern European-themed bar deep off of 6th avenue in Brooklyn, the beer is old world right and the food is extremely proper.

Being one who sought the Imperial Pint in such far off places such as Germany, Hungary, and Budapest, I can attest to the fact that Korzo does both the beer and the food properly. Food is an interesting array of Hungarian sausage-type dishes and an interesting list of a traditional fried-bread treat. Beers on tap are a great, tight list of light, dark, weiss, and lager by the pint (16 oz), litre (afternoon-ruining), and pitcher. A tasty event, to say the least. Well recommended for the trek.

7 out of 10 Pints.b

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